MSA, our vision of what a music venue ought to be.

Intimate, personal, & credible with emphasis on all the things we look out for when travelling to our favourite cities across the world.

Our simple mantra Music Slash Art outlines a bespoke underground space, a blank canvas for some of the most celebrated ‘outsider’ artists on the planet, contrasted against design classics and service policy second to none. We use the word ‘content’ with a sense of pride with both the venue itself and the music policy we implement throughout our weekly programme carefully constructed to maximise experience.As much a home to the hard working professional, the self made creative, and the aspiring student we offer a refuge, an alternative, and a stimulation of the senses that may have become more suited following like-minded experiences. Our creation is the culmination of miles travelled and years spent, of experiences had and the experiences we are yet to enjoy. MSA is the sum of our passions, the sound of our heartstrings, and our soul on the wall.

The details. A two tier basement in essence. Split between two bars and an array of inviting seating we set our stage. Catering comfortably for no more than three hundred people we strive towards quality over quantity. From afternoon wifi and coffee, after work hours cocktails, evening endeavours, and late night escapades we adhere to our customers every need.